5 AC System Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear

Homeowners who don’t give their AC system a regular tune-up will only have certain things to go by to determine if their unit has issues, and one of them is through sounds. Below are a few sounds that no homeowner will want to hear from their AC system. If any of these appear, the best course of action will be to have a professional perform an inspection.

1. Rattling and Clanking

Nuts, bolts, and electrical wiring can all become loose and rattle noisily inside the system. If you can tell that the rattling is external, then it may be a sign of debris, such as twigs or leaves, being caught in the vents. As for clanking noises, these are often produced by out-of-balance parts.

2. Grinding

One of the two issues may account for grinding. First, the blower fan belt may be broken. Second, the pistons in the AC compressor maybe grinding against each other. This second possibility is less desirable because replacing an AC compressor is expensive.

In some cases, we at Kayl Heating & Air, Inc. will recommend a complete system replacement when our customers in Doniphan are faced with a bad compressor. Being a Carrier factory-authorized dealer, we can present quiet, energy-efficient systems that suit every budget.

3. Squealing

While squealing is normal upon startup, a prolonged sound could point to a bad fan motor or blower motor. Another possibility is that the blower motor unit needs lubrication.

4. Hissing

If a hissing noise goes hand in hand with lukewarm air, then it’s bound to be a refrigerant leak. Left unattended, the leak may emit a screaming noise.

5. Clicking

Clicking is to be expected as a system shuts on and off. However, continual clicking points to a faulty thermostat, control board, or switch.

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