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Should an Outdoor AC Unit Be Covered in the Winter?

With an average air conditioning unit and installation costing close to $5200, it is important to protect the system, especially when it is not in use. Depending on where you live, your ac will be used from a few months a year to all year long. Some experts suggest covering a unit during off use seasons, however, this depends on where one lives and how long during the year the AC is used. Reasons to Cover Your AC If you live in an area prone to blizzards, it would be wise to cover your unit. Snow can pile up inside
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How to Save Energy This Winter

One of our top customer questions at Kayl Heating & Air, Inc. is how to save energy. With the constant use of a furnace or heat pump come wintertime, it’s important to understand how you can save some money. Here are 4 easy tips to put more money back in your pocket rather than sending it to the gas company: Maintain your furnace or heat pump. Make sure to change your furnace filters regularly as clogged or dirty filters cause your unit to run less efficiently. Less efficiency means more money for less heat, which no one wants. You might
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