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Common AC Condenser Repair And Upkeep to Keep You Cool

AC Condensers or air conditioner units help keep your home cool and comfortable. However, they require regular maintenance and repairs to perform at optimum levels. Bellow are parts of an AC unit that can require repair and how to address these issues. Common Repairs Debris: this is less a repair and more standard upkeep. If there is debris or overgrown plant life around a condenser then regular cleanup and landscaping can correct this issue. The unit itself should also be regularly cleared of debris such as branches, leaves, or dirt build up. Coils: issues with coils can often be fixed by a
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How Does a New Heat Pump Help Save Money?

Would you like to save up to 40 percent off your energy bill year after year? Of course, you would. That’s the reason you should consider getting a new, highly efficient heat pump for your house. While there is no denying that the costs of buying and installing a heat pump are often on the high side, depending on where you live, you can recoup the total cost after just a couple of years in utility savings. Homeowners who are planning to stay in their home long-term can save tens of thousands of dollars over the years. How Do Heats
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Why Control the Air Quality in Your Home?

There are four main benefits of actively improving the air quality in your home. Decreased Allergens and Sinus Irritation Do you have pets? Is there a smoker in your household? Dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke are among the most common airborne allergens. Even if you are not noticeably allergic to these pollutants, they do likely cause nasal and sinus irritation. You can remove most of these allergen and sinus irritations from the air with improved ventilation or air cleaners. Decreased Germs Just as allergens circulate through the air and into our nasal passages, so do airborne bacteria and viruses.
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What Are VRF Systems?

VRF is the abbreviation for Variable Refrigerant Flow. VRF has become a popular method of heating and cooling spaces in the United States. VRF uses a refrigerant in either a superheated vapor state or sub-cooled liquid to either heat or cools your home spaces. Although this technology was invented in 1982 in Japan, it was not introduced in the United States until the 2000s. However, the new technology spread relatively quickly, and it has become the most preferred heating and cooling technology in almost every application. Many people tend to confuse between VRF and VRV. However, there is no significant
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Can I Use R-22 in a R-410A System?

Winter is coming up and it is time to do maintenance on your heating and cooling system. This should not be a problem, you have plenty of help and you have done your homework online several times. You begin the process with great confidence when you hit a little problem. You have a 410A system that you upgraded to earlier this year and you only have R-22 refrigerant. Is this a good idea? Stop and take a moment to weigh out all the risks before you end up making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. What’s the Difference? What
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Advantages of Ductless AC Systems in Doniphan

A ductless AC system typically consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit complemented with an outside compressor. The ductless cooling and heating systems are the new trend in the industry. Below are some of the advantages of ductless AC systems. Easy and Fast Installation The ductless AC systems are easier to install since they do not require an extensive ductwork that is usually in traditional central air configurations. Leading industry technicians take less amount of time to install a ductless AC system compared to the time taken to install a conventional AC unit. They are Energy-Efficient A house with a traditional
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Should an Outdoor AC Unit Be Covered in the Winter?

With an average air conditioning unit and installation costing close to $5200, it is important to protect the system, especially when it is not in use. Depending on where you live, your ac will be used from a few months a year to all year long. Some experts suggest covering a unit during off use seasons, however, this depends on where one lives and how long during the year the AC is used. Reasons to Cover Your AC If you live in an area prone to blizzards, it would be wise to cover your unit. Snow can pile up inside
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How to Save Energy This Winter

One of our top customer questions at Kayl Heating & Air, Inc. is how to save energy. With the constant use of a furnace or heat pump come wintertime, it’s important to understand how you can save some money. Here are 4 easy tips to put more money back in your pocket rather than sending it to the gas company: Maintain your furnace or heat pump. Make sure to change your furnace filters regularly as clogged or dirty filters cause your unit to run less efficiently. Less efficiency means more money for less heat, which no one wants. You might
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