Ductless Air Conditioners: How They Work

Many homeowners are familiar with ducted air conditioners (or mini-splits), which can cool the entire house. Sometimes, though, homeowners need to look into ductless air conditioners. For example, you may own a property that’s so old that it won’t fit ductwork. Or you may want cooling for an outbuilding like a garage or tool shed.

Ductless ACs Are Heat Pumps

Ductless ACs are basically heat pumps, so they operate in the same way as a central heat pump would: that is, they produce the cool air you want by transferring heat from inside to outside. Heat pumps, both ducted and ductless, consist of an air handler to pull the heat, a compressor to release it outside, and refrigerant lines to connect them.

How They Differ from Ducted Heat Pumps

The ductless type, as their name implies, doesn’t come with a system of vents for whole-house cooling. The air handler, in this case, isn’t a bulky unit that goes into the attic but rather a compact unit that you hang from a wall or the ceiling. Compared to ducted heat pumps, mini-splits are easy to install, requiring only a 3-inch hole in the wall to let in the refrigerant line. Many residents of Doniphan, NE have relied on Kayl Heating & Air, Inc., to install a ductless unit and can testify that it’s a hassle-free process.

More Energy-Efficient than Ducted Systems

It can be amazing how much energy is lost through ducts. Mini-splits, though, ensure that all the cool air stays in your room. Thanks to directional airflow, you can even keep the air blowing on you so that it’s not wasted by hitting the walls. Best of all, having multiple mini-splits gives you the advantage of zoning since each has its own thermostat. Together, these features will provide you with tremendous energy savings.

Hire Our NATE-Certified Technicians

Kayl Heating & Air, Inc., can send out a NATE-certified technician for your initial consultation here in Doniphan. We don’t just deal in ducted and ductless AC systems, though. We also service heating systems, deal in variable refrigerant flow systems, and clean ducts. Call today to get started!