Furnaces Versus Space Heaters

When you need to optimize comfort in your Grand Island, NE home, you’ll have to consider which type of heating system to use. You might be tempted to set up one or even several space heaters throughout your residence instead of using your gas furnace. Let’s take a look at when is the best time to use a furnace as opposed to a space heater so that you can stay warm and safe without spending too much on heating costs.

When to Use a Space Heater

Space heaters are designed to heat a small area such as a garage or enclosed patio room. If you just need to heat one room in your home, a space heater is a good choice. Space heaters are also ideal for areas that aren’t connected to your home’s ductwork. For example, if you have a finished room above your garage, a space heater can keep it warm while you’re occupying the space. If you have a frozen pipe in your basement, putting a space heater in the area could help thaw the water before the pipe bursts. It’s rarely a good idea to use more than one space heater at a time. Running multiple space heaters will drastically increase your electricity bill.

Furnaces offer energy-efficient heating for your entire home. They’re the right choice when you’re using most or all of the rooms in your house. If you’re concerned about heating one room that you never use, you can simply close the vent to that room so none of the heated air from your furnace will be wasted. The cost of a furnace is less than that of a space heater in every room. The savings in electricity and the safety you derive from being able to use it unsupervised also make it the best choice overall.

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