Heating Maintenance Tips for the Fall and Winter

It would be unfortunate if your heater broke down in the middle of winter. If you’re one of many who experiences a heater that won’t work, it could be because of the failure to maintain your system. If you haven’t given much thought to heating maintenance, here are a few tips to think about. Ideally, these steps should be carried out sometime during the autumn months.

Replacing the Filters

If you own a heat pump, mini-split, or furnace, then it has a filter to block particles from entering the unit. This filter must be replaced on a regular basis. How often you change it will depend on the type of unit you have. The cheapest filters, fiberglass filters, last a month. Pleated filters can last for 60 to 90 days but may need to be changed sooner if there are smokers or pets in your home.

Cleaning the Condenser Unit

Heat pump and mini-split units have a condenser that needs to be maintained. This unit can quickly get dirty and clogged with dirt, foliage, and even lint from a nearby dryer vent . Failure to maintain your condenser could lead to less absorption of heat from the outside air. To clean your condenser, use water and a coil brush.

Vacuuming Part of the Ducts

Cleaning the entirety of your ductwork is something best left to a professional. To help the airflow, you could at least vacuum out the vents at the registers, though.

Requesting Professional Maintenance

The most critical step this fall is to request a professional heating inspection. The professional can replace the filter, clean the condenser, and perform other maintenance tasks. For example, a tune-up can include electrical checks, motor lubrication, and thermostat calibration. The first two tune-up tasks can help prevent fires, while the third tune-up task can cut down on energy waste.

NATE-Certified Technicians to Serve You

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