Heating Maintenance in Hastings, Grand Island, and Kearny

Heating Maintenance in Hastings, Grand Island, and Kearny

Heating Installation ServicesRoutine maintenance is a requirement of all heating systems. Quick tasks like changing out the air filter will keep your heating system running smoothly, but sometimes more in-depth maintenance is needed. Whether you need a furnace tune-up or annual maintenance, call Kayl Heating & Air, Inc for quick and reliable service.

Top-Quality Heating Service in the Hastings, NE Tri-Cities Area

Proper maintenance of your heating system will help ensure it runs at an optimal level all winter long. Kayl Air & Heat technicians provide heating services to both residential and commercial systems. We understand the importance of having your heater work when the weather turns, which is why we respond quickly to any job regardless of size.

Kayl Heating & Air Technicians; The Best in the Business

  • They are factory trained on all equipment
  • NATE certified.
  • Knowledgeable in how to best serve your specific furnace or heat pump.
  • Able to identify and complete repairs discovered during routine maintenance.

Thorough Furnace Tune-Up

Keeping your furnace running at its optimal level will help to reduce your utility bills and keep your heater working longer. The best way to receive these benefits is by scheduling an annual heating service in addition to responding to repairs quickly.

Furnace Maintenance Service:

  • Checking for fluid leaks and adding refrigerant if needed
  • Cleaning up the debris that collects on the outside and inside of the system
  • Parts inspection, including coil, fan, and belts
  • Checking for gas leaks
  • Checking the electrical system
  • The pressure of the system

Heat Pump

Heat pump systems also benefit from routine maintenance. This heating service includes checking filters and parts to make sure everything is running at optimal levels. Additionally, a technician will check for leaks in air ducts and tighten any parts that have come loose. A properly working compressor is a key part of heat pump maintenance.

Kayl Air & Heat is a leading company in the Tri-Cities area for heating maintenance. Our technicians are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm with quick and reliable service every time.

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