The Importance of Home Humidity

We breathe air either indoors or outdoors. Air affects our bodies. Most people don’t recognize dry, itchy skin, dry eyes and a pesky cough are a lack of humidity in the indoor air. Outdoor air with little to no humidity makes us feel cold. When people hear the words home humidity, they immediately picture mold and mildew growing. They don’t make the connection between the itch of “allergies” or the wheeze of the asthmatic and not enough humidity in the air. Welcome to Doniphan, Nebraska, where we add humidity to your indoor air.

What Is Humidity?
Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. You see it in steam in the bathroom following a shower. You see it in water boiling on the stove. You see it when steam from a cup of coffee rises into the air. Experts tell us the ideal level of relative humidity is between 40 and 60 percent.

Importance of Home Humidity
Dry, itchy skin and a persistent cough aren’t the only things lack of humidity does to the body. If you’re too chilly when it’s a warm day outside, you’re not becoming ill. If you can’t breathe easily, don’t worry. You need more moisture in the air you’re breathing.

People aren’t all that suffer lack of home humidity. See the dog scratching himself? He’s a victim of dry air. You might not see it, but the wood of the furnishings, the paint on the walls, and even the floors warp and crack from lack of humidity. You can see how important humidity is to the home and its people.

What Is The Solution?
Simply adding a dehumidifier will work. It will keep the relative humidity in the home at the proper level. It is a whole-house solution. Family members won’t be unplugging a portable humidifier and taking it from room to room. This will be appreciated by the allergy sufferers and asthmatics in the family.

Kayl serves the Tri-City area with air quality control systems, ventilation systems, both of which would support the dehumidifier system. We offer the Tri-City area products consistent with HVAC systems, geothermal systems, as well as energy recovery programs. Our NATE certified experts will help you understand not only the problem but which solution best fits your needs. Give us a call to request an estimate or contact us from any page on our website to schedule service.