The Inner Workings of An HVAC System

To understand these types of systems, it’s important to know what HVAC stands for: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. An HVAC system works through a network of components that include the unit itself as well as ductwork and a thermostat. Let’s dig into what each of these components does to better understand how an HVAC system really works.


An HVAC unit is the machine that ultimately heats, cools, and ventilates air. It effectively does all the work in an HVAC system. Every HVAC unit is essentially an air conditioner, heater, and high-powered fan all in one.

Air conditioners work by compressing a specialized liquid known as a refrigerant. Next, the pressurized refrigerant is pushed through a condenser, a process during which the warm refrigerant liquid drops in temperature. The refrigerant then evaporates, all the while pulling in heat from indoors. This cool evaporating coil has air blown over it, which is then distributed throughout the home or building.

Heaters, the most important part of HVAC units to our fellow residents of Doniphan, NE, are simple machines. A fuel source is used to heat a series of coils known as a heating element. The HVAC unit blows air over the heating element to heat the home or building it’s attached to.

Ventilation is unarguably the simplest part of HVAC units. These units are equipped with large fans that push air throughout the HVAC system.


HVAC systems always include ductwork, which refers to a series of insulated, flexible tubes that are spread throughout the guts of homes or buildings. Ducts are rarely visible in most modern homes and buildings that feature HVAC systems.


If HVAC units blew cold or hot air indefinitely, the temperature of homes and buildings would be far too uncomfortable for living or working in. Further, energy bills would go through the roof. Thermostats help to regulate energy usage and the utility of HVAC systems.

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