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Why Is My Furnace Filter Black?

Checking your furnace filter shouldn’t be a scary undertaking. However, you may feel a little concerned if you notice that the filter has turned black. Since the filter collects and traps dirt, dust and other debris, it won’t maintain its original pristine condition for long, but a pure black filter is a bad sign. Here are some reasons why it might look that way.

Carbon Monoxide Can Change the Color

The main problem to worry about is carbon monoxide, which can change the color of a filter to stark black. Regardless of the reason for it, there is nothing good about a carbon monoxide leak. This gas is poisonous, which is why having a CM detector in the home is wise. If there’s a carbon monoxide leak, the situation is dangerous and must be corrected immediately.

The Filter May Be Old and Clogged

Over time, a filter will collect so much debris that the color will change. The change reflects all the impurities amassed in and on the filter. When too much dirt collects, clogs form. Not only does the filter become darker and darker, but it also can’t do its job properly. A new filter is definitely in order. Kayl Heating & Air in Doniphan can help with filters and other maintenance or repair issue.

Mold Could Be Growing on the Filter

Mold is also black, and it can grow anywhere it can draw on moisture. A furnace filter can become home to toxic black mold. The presence of mold on the filter should lead you to worry about it growing elsewhere inside the furnace. Upon detecting mold, call professionals in to clean the furnace without delay.

Soot Might Be in the Air

Amazingly, soot can travel from unexpected sources and move to the furnace filter. If the house has a fireplace, the burning embers could send soot into the air and to the filter. Even burning candles could be the source.

If you want an expert opinion on your filter, call on Kayl Heating & Air today. We’re prepared to assist you with that or any other heating or cooling maintenance, repair or installation issue in Doniphan.