Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner?

Humidity is one thing that can subtract from the optimal performance of your air conditioning during the peak summer season. The primary way that your air conditioner works is by removing humidity from the air, so more of it means more work. The results are not good for your system.

Humidity Ramps up the Burden on Your Air Conditioner

The biggest effect of humidity is the strain that it places on your air conditioner. Your natural reaction is probably to turn the air conditioner up because you do not want your system to struggle to keep your home cool. However, keeping your AC running for too high and too long will cause it to break when you have a critical need for it. Preventative maintenance can help, but you can only do so much to ease the burden.

You Will Get Uneven Cooling

Humidity will also mean that your air conditioning does not consistently work. You will have some spots in your home that are cooler than others when you really want everything to be uniformly cool. The warmer air means that your air conditioner will give you an uneven performance during its high season, making some places in your home off limits.

Your Air Conditioner Could Need Premature Replacement

The strain will ultimately take its toll on your air conditioner. Your system can only go on full blast for so long before it gives way for good. Regular maintenance will prolong the system’s lifespan, but an overworked air conditioner will not last forever. At some point, you may get tired of the high repair bills and decide to replace your air conditioner. One way to avoid this is by using dehumidifiers in your home to make life easier for your air conditioning system.

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