VRF Systems

VRF Systems

How Much Do You Know About Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems?

The Kayl Heating & Air, Inc. brand carries a good deal of weight throughout Hastings, Grand Island, Kearny, and the surrounding Tri-Cities area. We attribute our ongoing success in the highly competitive heating and cooling space to a few things that set us apart. One of these includes the use of only highly professional and knowledgeable technicians. Every Kayl Heating & Air, Inc. service expert is NATE compliant and is routinely updated with the latest industry trends. Second is our excellent customer service, which is always our #1 priority. And lastly, our leadership and product experts keep themselves very much informed on the newest technology and advancements.

One of these concepts that are gaining traction in the field is the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. Available in various forms, there are specific advantages underlying this design. Below is a list of benefits and functionality characteristics associated with Variable Refrigerant Flow technology:

  • VRF systems require comparatively minimal ductwork
  • Individualized temperature control(s)
  • The need for secondary fluids is eliminated
  • Unit zoning available
  • Technology is entirely electric
  • And more!

Take a Closer Look at VRF System Technology and Its Many Benefits!

At its core, Variable Refrigerant Flow is a design concept centered on augmenting multi-split HVAC models, with concurrent cooling and heating of several spaces while improving heat-recovery capacity. A branch-selection feature for the unit’s refrigerant piping is coupled with corresponding controls by which multiple zones can be conditioned per their given needs.
An exceptionally high energy efficiency ratio (15-20) is achieved by way of the R-410A heat-transfer fluid, which also contributes to the overall integrated energy efficiency ratio of 17-25. Partial load operation, heat-recovery, speed modulation, and zoning capacity collectively yield between 20%-30% greater efficiency than standard systems.

VRF Indoor ProductsThe VRF features listed below display the technology’s unique functionality and notable energy efficiency:

  • Variable frequency motors power the unit’s outdoor fans
  • Electronically commutated motors equip each VRF unit’s indoor AC units
  • Capacity-modulated inverter duty compression design; variable-speed mechanism

We’re a 3-time VRF Systems Carrier Dealer of the Year!

These VRF benefits and technical features show why these systems are an excellent choice for your home. In addition, we are happy to be a 3-time VRF Systems Carrier Dealer of the Year! Contact us today to get started!