Who Invented Air Conditioning?

Since the 1960s, most newly built homes have included central air conditioning systems. Homes that have been remodeled since then have often been retrofitted with the ducts and equipment needed for air conditioning. While it’s common today, air conditioning was an incredible feat 100 years ago. Here’s what you need to know about the key players in the invention of central air conditioning systems for homes.

Willis Carrier

Willis Carrier was an American engineer. He worked for an engineering firm, and one of his first assignments was to help a printing company that had a problem with humidity. The humidity in the air caused the paper to get stuck. The ink made a mess, and it cost the client time and money. Carrier created an electrical machine to remove humidity from the client’s facility. In the process of removing humidity, Carrier’s machine also cooled the factory. He filed for a patent. He formed the Carrier Corporation in 1915, along with six of the other engineers from the firm where he worked.

Frederick Jones

Frederick Jones was an American inventor who patented portable air conditioners. He had no association with Carrier, and his inventions came in the 1930s to 1940s. His portable air conditioners were primarily used in field hospitals and in trucks to keep blood, food and perishable medications chilled.

Robert Sherman

Robert Sherman invented and patented the window air conditioner. His invention cooled and dehumidified indoor air in the summertime. It also heated and humidified indoor air in the wintertime. The unit had a built-in air filter as well.

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